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As Francis Crick pointed out in Molecules and Men, life likes to grow, take advantage of the free energy of the sun, and operate in an open metabolism of chemicals for the benefit of organisms and their reproduction. Life seeks more of itself, wastes nothing and engages fruitfully with its surroundings. Flows and metabolisms create recurrent wealth from solar income: oxygen-rich air, fertile soil, clean water, photosynthetic growth, food and energy…like a symbiotic ecosystem by design, the Earth upcycles itself naturally.

Economically, upcycling transforms conventional notions of growth and productivity, generating recurrent energy and material capital formation and flow, seeking continuous improvement and regenerative, beneficial interactions with the world, creating economic growth through principled innovations, innovative designs that support and keep valuable materials in continuous use and reuse cycles.

The proposed Upcycling workshop is aimed at empowering young creative as a major alternative to recycling in the sense that it adopts five dimension; the need to empower economically, reduce our footprints and waste landfill footprint, coupled with the ever-present need to safeguard our environment in the face of developmental challenges and promote a new way of thinking about the consummation products.

With the support of the American Embassy in Abuja, Eleven Artists from across Nigeria have been selected to participate in the workshop, the core driver of which is sustainability. These artists who produce environmentally-related/conscious art has been invited to work, discuss and have a hybrid section with other professionals who are working on environmental related disciplines ranging from renewable energy, architecture, furniture designers and smart architecture.

Each participant would be required to produce new two works at the end of the workshop, a joint installation piece would also be created and installed in an open space or any space deemed fitting/suitable,  to encourage more participation and achieve a wider audience.

A two-day talk shop would be organized at the Center, relevant persons, working or specialized in the field of environment will be invited, we will also have present artists, students, public and the media to cover a broad social demography of Abuja,

During the workshop on April 28, 2018, we will also have an Open Studio targeted at young people from a wide range of backgrounds, Students, Artists and the general public will meet with the artists at work, demonstrating their process, in a bid to help reveal alternative ways that industrialization and the attainment of developmental goals can be achieved in a sustainable creative manner."

The Selected Artists are: Paula Mallam (F) Abuja, Bilkisu Garba (F) Abuja, Uzoma Samuel Anyanwu ( M) Lagos, Imo Chigboromogu ( M) Abuja, Izuu Mouneme (M) Enugu, Ifedilichukwu Chibuike (M) Anambra, Fatai Abdukareem Babatunde (M), Nzekwe Philips (M) Delta, Pricilla Uzero(F) Abuja, Owoyeim Taiwo (M) Lagos and Steve Ekpenisi (M) Lagos.

To facilitate the workshop, we have Dr. Victor Fadeke, Hubert H. Humphery/ Ashoka Fellow, Dr. Chukwuemeka Nwigwe, PhD, PGDE, MFA, BA, Artist, scholar and lecturer and currently teach Textile, Fashion Design and Art History courses at the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu, Nduwhite Ndubuisi Ahanonu, Founder/ Curator, International Institute for Creative Development, Abuja. Ifesinachi C. Nwanyanwu, Curator House 33 and founder, One Environment Abuja, Dotun Poopola (renowned Sculptor and Artist) and Dada A. Oluwasuen (Sculptor and renowned Artist) Universal Studio Lagos.

The Opening ceremony of the works realized during the workshop will be opened on the 3rd, 2018 at the IICDCENTER (International Institute for Creative Development Abuja) by 5.00pm.


Osi Otsemobor.




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Later Event: April 22