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Back with more activities and features for you. We have carefully selected 24 Films for one year just for you. So it means no stopping and no is a guaranteed civil and cultural interaction for 1 Year. So join us this Sunday the 18th of November, 2019 by 5:30pm as we launch the one year calendar starting with 3 short films with plenty to drink , Fun and networking 🍷, with special guest appearance by

Deji Ige (Poet),

Bobby Haruna (Contemporary Dance Artist)

Emil Biobelemoye H.G. (Film Maker).

#IICD-#Center # 4 Oguda Close Off Lake Chad Crescent Maitama . Abuja and IT IS FREE! Cocktail provided by U.S. Embassy Abuja


Filmmakers: Brian Vincent Rhodes, Eric Cheng

AFS Representative: Brian Vincent Rhodes (Co-Writer, Co-Director)

Run-time: 7 min

Synopsis: When legendary warrior mosquito Soma and her daughter Aliye go hunting together for the first time in slumbering George’s apartment, Aliye realizes that she does not want to follow their family’s ageless tradition of hunting for blood. When George wakes unexpectedly, the two have to make a break to escape with their lives, while also trying to repair the biggest rift their family has ever had.


Filmmaker: Steven Kochones

Run-time: 23 min

This documentary brings National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting’s epic “LIFE” project to the big screen, taking viewers on a fascinating journey through time via dazzling images depicting life on Earth— from the Big Bang to the present. The film also recounts Lanting’s own evolution from natural history photographer to visual chronicler of life on the planet.

The film features stunning images from Lanting’s vast photographic archive as well as new images shot specifically for the film. Supported by interviews with Lanting and long-time collaborator Christine Eckstrom, the film promotes an understanding of Earth’s natural history while instilling a sense of wonder about our living world.

Also appearing in the film are experts in the fields of biology, geology, and planetary science, including pioneering sociobiologist E.O. Wilson, evolutionary biologist Andrew Knoll, NASA/JPL astrobiologist Abigail Allwood, and primatologist Russell Mittermeier, among others.

Earth’s most compelling locations serve as the backdrop, including the shores of Delaware Bay where Lanting’s inspiration for LIFE began. The film also takes viewers to Hawaii’s volcanic Mount Kilauea, New Zealand, the coastal dunes of Namibia, and Santa Cruz, California, allowing viewers to experience Lanting and Eckstrom’s approach to working in diverse natural environments.



 Filmmaker: Andrew Jenks

Run-time: 12 min

 Welcome to Pleasanton, California. In the Bay Area, this affluent suburban town is quintessential USA: restaurants on Main Street, American flags omnipresent, and a high school football team that everyone cherishes: The Eagles. For four generations, one family has been at the center of it all: the Pedersens. As the final two in the family to attend the school, the pressure is on for Zane (the quarterback) and his younger brother, Jax (the running back) to lead the team to another title. What makes the Pedersens unique is that they are all deaf. In fact, Pleasanton is a town with over 200 deaf people. The school they go to is the California School for the Deaf, and their football team is all deaf. Ultimately, this is not a story about football, or even a story about being deaf. It is a story about a family that, despite not being able to hear, wouldn’t want it any other way.

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