Opportunities in Climate Change

So the other day we had a meeting with Dr. Jonathan Pershing, Special Envoy for Climate Change at the U.S. Department of State. Who previously served as the Senior Climate Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Energy and the Principal Deputy Director of the Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis at the Department of Energy.

So we went from the challenges of Climate Change: Rise in temperatures, sea level rise, drought, concentrated rainfall, increase in ocean temperature and how it affects the sea nutrition, reduction in ground water and increase in salt water which affects agriculture mostly for people around the plain ground and the increase of disease because water and temperature rise.

Beyond the above mentioned few problems of Climate Change, we also talked about the soc-economic opportunities in Climate Change like Climate Financing and Capturing Methane a very powerful greenhouse gas to produce electricity, heat buildings or power heavy trucks etc.

Solar Energy; solar panels, windmills etc, we need more water to cool off most water plants, this and more can be powered by solar energy.

Sustainable Skills; Young people getting involve, learning skills in solar energy productions and installations, smart designs like smart homes and training in creative up-cycling skills.

These and more are a few of the many opportunities other countries are involved since our economy is in recession, maybe our leaders should begin to look into these opportunities as an alternative economy and career path for young entrepreneurs.